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a Street Performance Improvisation


I have the honor of sharing space with Dorian Wood in their upcoming performance Color From God-lung (Larkwat 00)

Info and ticket link below.

Color From God-lung is an endurance-based opera series in which the performers create an intense yet minimalist environment through the use of their bodies, and how they relate to each other. Inspired from a dream by Dorian Wood, the opera unfolds within the petrified carcass of a giant celestial elephant, one of thousands strewn across the earth, many years after humankind's demise. Past Color From God-lungs have been performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Stockholm. This will be the last one.


Panteha Abareshi

Dalel Bacre

Jessica Barrett

Badly Licked Bear

Gregory Barnett

Chequamegon Bollinger

Carmina Escobar

Serena Aurora Day Himmelfarb

Melba Martinez

Jason Savvy

Kevin James Spear

Kari Svendsboe

Annabel Turrado

Dorian Wood

Allison Wyper


- This is a highly intense performance, with a duration of three hours.

- No one under 18 will be admitted.

- Tickets may only be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets for sale at the door.

- Performance begins at 7:00PM SHARP. Please arrive early. No one will be allowed entry after 7:00PM.